Looking Out, Looking In

A Winter Group Show

Opening reception: December 7th, 7-9pm

Davis Gallery is pleased to announce Looking Out, Looking In, an extensive group exhibit focused on the personal philosophies of premiere Austin and Central Texas based artists. This amorphous concept allows artists to explore the theme freely, and in their own voice. Sacred Geometry, the importance of family, life and death, our connection to Nature, and spirituality are among the perspectives that artists have chosen to focus on. Each of the participating artists have created new work, or carefully chosen work from the past, which uniquely recognizes these concepts. This exhibit will be on view from December 7th, 2019- January 11th, 2020.  

Austin Chronicle

Waiting by Barbara Pence

Barbara Pence

Waiting, 2019

Oil on Canvas

26 x 36 in (66.04 x 91.44 cm)


Siblings Along the Mississippi by Kevin Greenblat

Kevin Greenblat

Siblings Along the Mississippi (2/12), 2018

Archival Ink Print

22 x 22 in (55.88 x 55.88 cm)


Colour of Spring III by Andrea Pramuk

Andrea Pramuk

Colour of Spring III

Ink, Acrylic on Clayboard

10 x 10 in (25.40 x 25.40 cm)


Collateral by Denise M. Fulton

Denise M. Fulton

Collateral, 2019

Oil on Panel

12 x 9 in (30.48 x 22.86 cm)


Tracings of Eternal Light by John Sager

John Sager

Tracings of Eternal Light




Cheetah No. II by Randal Ford

Randal Ford

Cheetah No. II

Archival Ink Print

50 x 40 in (127 x 101.60 cm)


Lines in the Sand by Randall Reid

Randall Reid

Lines in the Sand

Steel, Paint

10 x 9.75 in (25.40 x 24.76 cm)


A Light in the Darkness by Sam Yeates

Sam Yeates

A Light in the Darkness

Oil on Canvas

20 x 16 in (50.80 x 40.64 cm)


The Morning We Set Out by Gladys Poorte

Gladys Poorte

The Morning We Set Out, 2019

Oil on Panel

9 x 24 in (22.86 x 60.96 cm)


Fragments by Christian De Dier

Christian De Dier


Graphite, Charcoal, Gouache, Acrylic on MDF

26 x 38.50 in (66.04 x 97.79 cm)


Esperando un Milagro (Waiting for a Miracle) by Faustinus Deraet

Faustinus Deraet

Esperando un Milagro (Waiting for a Miracle) (/Artist Print)

Archival Ink Print

18 x 24 in (45.72 x 60.96 cm)


Circle Quilt by Philip Durst

Philip Durst

Circle Quilt, 2019

Mixed Media

40 x 32 in (101.60 x 81.28 cm)


Bitsy by Fallon


Bitsy, 2019

Sunset Aura Spirit Quartz, Rainbow Aura Citrine Crystal, Crystal Quartz Spheres, Black Sea Coral, 22k Gold Leaf

13 x 13 in (33.02 x 33.02 cm)


Love is the Key by Garrett Middaugh

Garrett Middaugh

Love is the Key, 2019

Oil on Canvas



SoHo Rooftop No. 19, North by Julie Davis

Julie Davis

SoHo Rooftop No. 19, North, 2019

Oil on Panel

12 x 9 in (30.48 x 22.86 cm)


Neighbors by Julie Davis

Julie Davis

Neighbors, 2019

Oil on Panel

14 x 11 in (35.56 x 27.94 cm)


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