Philip Durst & Chris Dial

Austin, TX – Philip Durst and Chris Dial propose an interpretation of the world that is extraordinarily amusing, ironic, and most of all, introspective. It inspires us to take a deeper look at the by-products and habits of our consumer lifestyle, without judgment and without apprehension. By layering, patterning and grouping objects together, a larger whole is created and leads the viewer to consider the individual pieces in a completely different manner. With Durst and Dial, this manner emphasizes the positive aspects in life and depicts a fun, brightly colored narrative about the world around us.

Philip Durst takes his inspiration from the techniques used in quilting. He mostly employs proprietary materials used previously as packaging for candy, coffee cups, old books, and other consumer waste that might otherwise have been cast aside and forgotten. This nature of the packaging is what drew Durst to the main idea behind his artwork: "Such a tremendous amount of artistic talent, choice, and color goes into such ephemeral packaging that I like to preserve their beauty and vibrancy." His newer work takes on a more architectural nature. Bending lines of wood delicately support paint swatches of a certain color theme, intended to provoke a specific mood within the viewer. 

Chris Dial's patchwork collage is a bit more subtle, but also evokes a playful insight into a sort of storybook world. She cuts into canvas and paper, creating characteristic shapes and layering high gloss paint in a way that suggests a wet texture. She uses canvas grommets, which put the hint of a nautical theme into her work. The Party Hat series is reminiscent of Mardi Gras decorations. Vibrant colors and wacky ornaments adorn these fantastical accessories that, again, might belong to the wardrobe in a storybook narrative. The sizes of her work range from a large, prominent 40x60 size, down to her small, fun and colorful party hats that could fit into the palm of your hand.