Terra Chroma

Denise M. Fulton & Mark Nesmith

Austin, TX – As we draw parallel lines between Denise M. Fulton and Mark Nesmith's work, we also begin to articulate a theme around the structure of texture. A distinctive mark making sets them apart, as the world around them takes shape through the expressive handling of the medium. Terra Chroma will delineate those parallels while also affirming the individual nature that each artists expresses through the vehicle of the brush. 

Denise Fulton, in earlier years, was working in textile design. With the medium of acrylic on panel, she uses a direct painting style. Each stroke placed is intended to compliment the ones around it, creating a movement and texture that is characteristic of her works. Each mark is translucent, and the variations of thin and thick paint at the edges of each stroke adds a sense of depth and complexity to the piece. While the paint is still wet, scratching and lifting creates a secondary texture and vibration to the scene. Born in Ohio, Denise Fulton has been painting since 2009 and now resides in Austin, Texas.

Mark Nesmith works mostly with oil on stretched canvas. His landscapes adhere to an observed reality that he claims to "reinterpret through time, memory and imagination." Working mostly from digitally altered photographs and his own reference sketches, he creates dramatic compositions, scraping away and scrubbing at the paint to give the work a patina-like texture. His hand is very expressive, and the worlds created on the canvas are full of color and seductive light. Mark Nesmith is a musician, painter, and teacher and is featured in many private collections across the United States and overseas.