Painters Painting Painters

Austin, TX - Davis Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition of new works by ten premiere Austin-based figure painters. The artists featured are Jennifer Balkan, Chris Chappell, Denise M. Fulton, Felice House, Karen Maness, Revi Meicler, Karen Offutt, Mike Peterson, Johnnie Sielbeck, and Robert Summerlin. Each artist will contribute two portraits of other artists in the show, as well as a self-portrait.

Despite the fact that all ten artists involved primarily create representational work, each of their interpretations and styles are unique. Comparing their approach to the same theme is fascinating and emphasizes the wonder of their eccentricities.

Painters Painting Painters offers a glimpse into the world of artists. The viewer is invited to observe these ten artists working, studying and dreaming up their latest paintings. It is an opportunity to peek into the creative process of some of Austin's best working artists.