No Moral Judgment Stands Alone

New Work by Philip Durst

Contemporary collage artist and civil rights attorney Philip Durst showcases a new body of work in No Moral Judgment Stands Alone, a solo exhibition at the Davis Gallery in Austin, Texas opening January 26 through March 2, 2013.

No Moral Judgment Stands Alone is about experimentation: mixing and matching with rampant liberty where color, line and shape are the elements brought to life through popular reference and personal experience. Durst works in spontaneous bursts of depth and color to evoke contemplation about the juxtaposition between nostalgic perceptions and current realities within popular culture.

This exhibition showcases a series of bold, large-scale collages rich in pattern and repetition. Materials for the work can be found in a medley of non-consumable objects such as old candy wrappers, soufflé cups, paint chits and used coffee cups. When asked of his process, Durst replies that he “….enjoys the effect of taking such colorful materials and making small pieces that together create a landscape or effect greater than its components.” 

Located in downtown Austin, The Davis Gallery represents many of the best contemporary painters, printmakers, sculptors and photographers in the American Southwest and beyond.