Works by Joseph Hammer, Chun Hui Pak, and Gabe Langholtz

Davis Gallery is pleased to announce De/Construction, a three-person exhibit featuring the work of Austin based artists Joseph Hammer, Chun Hui Pak, and Gabe Langholtz. This exhibit focuses on each artist's unique ability to dismantle his or her subjects and re-imagine them into new, fascinating compositions.

Joseph Hammer describes himself as a bookworm; he is fascinated with history, words, and time itself. His design oriented abstract collages are created from the cut up covers and spines of used and discarded books. By giving prominence to the beauty in the textures, patinas, and colors of salvaged books, he invites his viewers to consider the stories and history that the text may have held.

Chun Hui Pak draws her inspiration from the ancient Asian paper folding art of origami. Beginning with folded paper representing different animals and plants, Pak flattens the forms to reveal the intricate intersections of valley and mountain folds. Her multicolored adaptations of these flattened forms in oil create energetic kaleidoscope-like arrangements.

Gabe Langholtz challenges traditional still life painting by flattening and skewing forms until they become distorted impressions of their former selves. Langholtz questions the significance of everyday objects and their surroundings through his intentional alterations. His work immediately feels lighthearted, but upon further inspection of his subjects the viewer discovers a cunning humor and pointed observation.