Back to the World

New Work by Christian De Dier & William Wahlgren

Davis Gallery is pleased to announce Back to the World, a two-person exhibition featuring new work by Christian De Dier and William Wahlgren. The title of this exhibit, which is derived from the title of a painting by the late abstract painter Agnes Martin, is a subtle nod to the serene sense of contemplation each artist achieves, as well as to the opposing but dual meaning which unifies these two artists' artwork. Wahlgren’s paintings demonstrate a conscious reflection of the natural world. The artist derives his imagery directly from the sky, land, and human figures. In contrast, De Dier’s mixed media compositions are removed from our visual experiences of the world. Instead, his work relies on transcendental guidance, geometry, and pure emotion. Back to the World compares one artist who turns back to the world for inspiration, while the other artist turns his back to the world. This exhibit will open on February 29th and will run through March 28th. The opening reception will be held at the gallery on February 29th from 7-9pm.


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