Amy Banner Updegrove

"Echo", 2023
Copper tack with copper and brass wires woven over joss paper covered birch box captured in acrylic box.
48 x 48 x 1.50 in
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Official Title:

And tonight to be this young and alive
An echo on time

A pattern on repeat, a presence of mind

The spoken word, the printed page
The elegance of silence, the power of phrase

The returning tide, the breaking wave
The blank page of youth, the madras of age

The strike of midnight, the bloom of noon
An endless wish, a none-too-soon

Forging a path while fading from view
I love you, I love you

The capture of a moment, the fade of a memory
The promise of tomorrow, Illusions of infinity

Lightening to thunder
Heads and tails

To exist
Sometimes fractured, sometimes whole
An echo on time
A well-loved soul