Chun Hui Pak

Chun Hui Pak
Chun Hui Pak’s art education culminated in a Master of Fine Arts from the Yale School of Art where her art from figurative paintings led to abstract geometry paintings inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe’s Black Iris and its essential structure and form. Pak created series of artworks honoring O’Keeffe over the years by interpreting Iris Origami Flower Folds as large abstract oil paintings. Pak’s idea of transforming paper flower folds into large scale paintings has elevating the craft form to high art. Her interpretations of origami folds as planar shapes, colors, textures and shadows that push and pull the painted surfaces offers viewers the illusion of three-dimensional sculpted reliefs. By collaging multiple images, Pak creates the aura of a Zen-like meditative state. “My current passion is creating artworks based on geometric patterns from origami paper folds of various subjects (birds, flowers, etc.). I start with basic origami mountain and valley folds as symbols of Yin and Yang and move to ever more complex structures. I have deconstructed many complex fold sequences using enlargement and oil on canvas format. Viewers perceive the overall space as stretched, pulsating, elastic, warped and topographic. The effect can be further mesmerizing when multiple panels combine to reveal a kaleidoscope appearance as lines reconnect at different points to produce a different geometrical structure with a different visual structures. Viewer reaction is amusing…seeing the artwork as a three-dimensional projection when it is actually a flat panel. By continually evolving with my interpretations I am continually fascinated by the magic of Asian art of origami.” Chun Hui Pak,h_400,c_fill/v31nctxfm86um9nx2wdi.jpg