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A Shared Vision

March 2 - April 13, 2019

Davis Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibit of new works by Austin-based painters, Denise M. Fulton and Sam Yeates. A Shared Vision will feature allegorical canvases marked by vivid color and rich with symbolism. Both artists are known for their heavily studied realism and dedication to traditional imagery.

This page is only a sample of the work in this exhibition. Please contact the gallery for information on other work, and for information on specific pieces.


Denise M. Fulton

Denise M. Fulton has spent the last few years devoting her time to studying the human form. Her figurative work questions our own preconceptions of those around us, by layering projections of intricate patterns, famous artwork of the past, and popular board games.


Sam Yeates

When describing his work, Sam Yeates pays close attention to each carefully placed symbol within his compositions. He states, "to me, a painting is like a play unfolding on stage." The open landscapes, the still water of a swimming pool, winged cats, all carry specific interpretations fed by the artist's own past experiences and imagination.



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