Show Highlights

July 28 - September 8, 2018

Davis Gallery is pleased to announce our annual summer group show, Reflector, which will ask each artist to cast their gaze inwardly, and to capture either their whole self or an aspect of "self". Most artists have chosen to depict themselves via abstractions and symbolic representations, as this exhibition is not limited to only realistic portraits. Each artist will be invited to bring a refreshment to the opening reception that they feel connects with their own identity.

Participating artists include: Randall Reid, Sandra Langston, Barbara Pence, David Hefner, Gabe Langholtz, Joseph Hammer, Jan Heaton, Charles Heppner, Caprice Pierucci, Chris Gray, Denise M. Fulton, Barbara Attwell, David Leonard, Chun Hui Pak, William Wahlgren, Randal Ford, Lisa Beaman, Lynda Young Kaffie, Laurel Daniel, Faustinus Deraet, Chris De Dier, John Sager, Garrett Middaugh, and Lisa Beaman.

This page is only a sample of the work in this exhibition. Please contact the gallery for information on other work, and for information on specific pieces.








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