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January 14 - February 18, 2017

Davis Gallery is proud to present the work of Taylor Winn and Dony Wynn. Each artist creates stunning abstracts, full of movement and color. Taylor's flowing paintings, and Dony's magnified tight-shot photographs create dynamic, vibrant compositions.

This page is only a sample of the work in this exhibition. Please contact the gallery for information on other work, and for information on specific pieces.


Taylor Winn

Taylor Winn's distinctive paintings, rooted in Abstract Expressionism, feature layers of rich "melting" pigments combined with gold, silver, copper or bronze metallic alkyds. Winn's paintings reference nature, history and the geography of place with emphasis on the colors, light and movement of water on oceans, lakes and rivers.



Dony Wynn

Dony Wynn finds beauty in places most people don't dare to tread. Junkyards, abandoned buildings, and toxic waste dumps all hold the treasure he seeks. He routinely avoids capture by the police, has eluded a rogue band of copperhead snakes, and even stared down the barrel of a gun or two, to bring Ephemerata to you. Despite all this, Dony exacts his prize; celebrations of the ephemeral battle between man and nature.


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