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August 26 - October 7, 2017

Davis Gallery is pleased to present a four-person group show focused on a set of specific natural materials; rock, steel, felt, and wax. The artist's participating in the exhibition will each represent one of the four materials. Giota Vorgia, whose meticulously painted canvases depict stones, often resting on sand by the shore, or still submerged in the sea, represents rock. Randall Reid's robust, abstract collages fabricated out of retired street signs, garden tools, and other discarded metals, represents steel. Barbara Attwell's richly symbolic sculptural works made from wool, which directly derive forms and colors from the natural world, represents felt. And finally, Annie Darling's encaustic paintings, which passionately convey emotion through radiant color and rhythmic

This page is only a sample of the work in this exhibition. Please contact the gallery for information on other work, and for information on specific pieces.


Giota Vorgia




Randall Reid


Barbara Attwell


Annie Darling


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