Resurrecting The Past Draws Closer To Home

Contemporary artist Randall Reid showcases new work in the upcoming Resurrecting the Past solo exhibition at the Davis Gallery in Austin, Texas October 27 through December 1 , 2012. Opening Reception: Saturday October 27th, 7-9pm.

By combining raw and well-worn materials into carefully compartmentalized wall assemblages, Reid’s work reflects back at us our connections to the past. Found materials create compositions that interpret a process of material breakdown that, in Reid’s words, show the “…physicality of growth and decay in the process of aging.” These assemblages become abstracted textural landscapes evoking both nostalgia and personal history. Reid seeks to give visual form to our relationship with the past which can mirror the spiritual and philosophical concerns of the viewer.

Resurrecting the Past invites the viewer into a unique visual world where meaning is infused into ephemeral and otherwise banal objects. Materials bound in their own rapidly decaying existence are reclaimed and given a compelling new life in the works of Randall Reid.

Located in downtown Austin, The Davis Gallery represents many of the best contemporary painters, printmakers, sculptors and photographers in the American Southwest and beyond.

Resurrecting the Past Opening Reception| Saturday October 27, 2012| 7-9pm

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