Field and Fable
Sam Yeates and Sandra Langston

On View: October 3rd - November 14th, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 | 7-9pm

Austin, TX - Integrating couplets, short poems, woodcarving and custom frame work, Sam Yeates' and Sandra Langston's paintings take on a fantastical approach, integrating subtle symbolism and humorous irony in order to form a narrative. Drawing from two very different parts of the world, their open landscapes form a similar aesthetic between the Italian and Texas countryside.

Sandra Langston has lived in Basilicata, Southern Italy, for over twenty years. She worked for the University of Texas Classics Department in Metaponto and found that the Italian landscape had some very recognizable similarities to her familiar home of Texas. This is where she began to focus on landscapes as a main theme in her work. She then began to incorporate couplets and short poems into a more narrative tone, and it is these of which she is most proud. "They are not the most readily accessible works, and they require a small investment in time on the part of the viewer...humor adds an aspect to the work that makes it unique."

Sam Yeates has twenty years of experience as a freelance illustrator in traditional media for many local Austin venues and businesses. Designing logos, t-shirt designs, painted billboards, and hand-lettered posters for the many local clients in the past has seated him as an Austin legacy. Now working mostly in the video gaming industry, he still finds time to reflect and relate to the local landscape and symbolic narrative references in his painting style.


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