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October 14 - November 25

The Afterlife of Artifacts

Assemblages by Barbara Irwin, John Sager,
Larry Seaman, Steve Brudniak and Steve Wiman

The Afterlife of Artifacts explores five of Austin’s best assemblage artists and their power to reanimate forgotten objects into extraordinary works of art. Barbara Irwin, John Sager, Larry Seaman, Steve Brudniak, and Steve Wiman test the limits of conventional fine art medium by incorporating everything from beautifully worn metal scraps found on the streets of Austin, to high voltage elements of old transmitters. Working with reclaimed objects allows the artists involved to directly investigate questions of life, time, decay, and rebirth.

opening reception: saturday, october 14th | 7-9pm
artist talk: saturday, november 4th | noon

> preview show


December 2 - January 13

Botanical Eclipse

New work by Matthew Fuller

In his latest series, Botanical Eclipse, Matthew Fuller represents the constant, interconnected cycle of life forces flowing through our universe. The magnified images allow the viewer to contemplate the most delicate details of earthly life, while the use of vibrant color alludes to boundless cosmic events. A dramatic compositional orb present in each image, reminiscent of a full solar eclipse amplifies Fuller’s powerful concept.

opening reception: saturday, december 2nd | 7-9pm

> preview show



January 20 - February 24

In Depth

A Group Show

opening reception: saturday, january 20th | 7-9pm



Recent Past Exhibitions



Rock, Steel, Felt, Wax

August 26 – October 7


A Group Show

July 15 – August 18

Repo Man

New Work by Philip Durst

MAY 27 – JULY 8



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