October 27 - December 1

Earth, Land, Property
Garrett Middaugh, Julie Davis, Nicholas Baxter,
Jason Webb, David Leonard

Davis Gallery is pleased to present Earth, Land, Property. This five-person exhibit features work by Nicholas Baxter, Julie Davis, David Leonard, Garrett Middaugh, and Jason Webb, and examines the human perspective of land. This show intends to question our place among nature and how we’ve chosen to use our land. Each of the five artist’s work will represent a specific “locale” on the spectrum between natural land and dense metropolis.

opening reception:
saturday, october 27th | 7-9pm

> preview show



December 4 - December 8

The Animal Kingdom:
A Collection of Portraits 
Photographs by Randal Ford

opening reception: thursday, december 6th | 6:30-8:30pm

> preview show



December 15 - January 12

Night Vision
Winter Group Show

Davis Gallery is pleased to announce Night Vision, a winter group show celebrating the artist’s ability to see things many others seem to overlook. This exhibit focuses on spaces shrouded in darkness, the energies that lie beyond the visual spectrum, and allows the viewer to imagine what could exist “in between”. Each artist has either created new work for this show, or carefully chosen work from the past, which uniquely recognizes Night Vision’s concept.

opening reception:
saturday, december 15th | 7-9 pm



Recent Past Exhibitions



Joseph Hammer, Chun Hui Pak,
Gabe Langholtz

September 15 - October 20


A Summer Group Show

July 28 - September 8

...of Warp and Weft

Caprice Pierucci and
Charles Heppner

June 9 –  July 21


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