July 28 - September 8

A Summer Group Show

Davis Gallery is pleased to present our annual summer group show, Reflector. Artwork can be used as a tool to explore the world around us, or the world inside us. Like a visual journal, art records change, envisions the future, and contemplates the past. This exhibition celebrates the pursuits of the artist by memorializing the person behind the canvas. Each artwork represents a reflection of the artist onto their medium of choice.

opening reception: saturday, july 28th | 7-9p

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September 15 - October 20

Joseph Hammer, Chun Hui Pak, Gabe Langholtz

Davis Gallery is pleased to announce De/Construction, a three-person exhibit featuring the work of Austin based artists Joseph Hammer, Chun Hui Pak, and Gabe Langholtz. This exhibit focuses on each artist’s unique ability to dismantle his or her subjects and reimagine them into new, fascinating compositions.

opening reception: saturday, september 15th | 7-9p




Recent Past Exhibitions


...of Warp and Weft

Caprice Pierucci and
Charles Heppner

June 9 –  July 21

Outside the Indoors

Work by Sandra Langston

April 21 –  June 2

The Relationship
of Things

March 3 – April 14



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