Sandra Langston


 I came to Basilicata, in southern Italy, over twenty-five years ago to work with the University of Texas excavations at Metaponto. From paleolithic, to Greek, to the present, it is an area that has been constantly occupied. The landscape has been sculpted relentlessly by nature, as well as by generations of hard-working hands. It is hilly, eroding, sometimes stark, but never monotonous. I hope that my landscapes may provide a view of a lesser-traveled area of Italy, and maybe even inspire a visit or two to this very special place.

The passage of time is a theme present also in my narrative work, as I have always been fascinated with the frozen bits of time in old photographs. My family has provided me with a wealth of these, and friends also often feature as subjects. The amusing, sometimes absurd relations between women and men are the inspiration for many of my narrative pieces. I greatly appreciate the little ironies of these relationships, and view them with a winking feminist eye.

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