Sandra Langston | biography

born 1957 in Ottawa, Canada  |  lives mostly in Bernalda, Italy  |  |  Sandra's blog


Attended graduate schools at the San Francisco Art Institute, and the University of Texas
1980 BFA, magna cum laude, University of Texas

professional experience

1982-1990 Worked in Metaponto, Italy for the University of Texas Classics Department

solo exhibitions

2011 Harris Gallery, Houston, TX

Art and Services, Matera, Italy

2010 Davis Gallery, Austin, TX

2008 Davis Gallery, Austin, TX

2006 Davis Gallery, Austin, TX

2005 La Scaletta, Matera, Italy

Davis Gallery, Austin, TX

2003 Davis Gallery, Austin, TX

2000 First prize, concorso di pittura, Festa Dell' Unita', Bernalda, Italy

Tarrytown Gallery, Austin, TX

1998 Tarrytown Gallery, Austin, TX

1984 Sala Comunale, Bernalda, Italy

group exhibitions

2016 "Seeking Surreal," Davis Gallery, Austin, TX

2004 Reflection Gallery, SantaFe, NM

2002 Torremare, Metaponto, Italy

Two-person show, Harris Gallery, Houston, TX

Three-person show, Horizon Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2001 Davis Gallery, Austin, TX

1980 Forty Walls Gallery, Houston, TX

Pro-Temporary Gallery, Austin, TX




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