Christian De Dier | biography

born 1958 in Ninove, Belgium  | resided in Belgium, Canada and USA  |


1975-79 St. Lucas Institute, Brussels, Belgium

solo exhibitions

2007 Café Josie, Austin, TX

2006 Beeville Art Museum, Beeville, TX

1994/95 Golden Ribbon Gallery, Strathroy, ON

1994 Strathroy Public Library & Art Gallery, Strathroy, ON

1992/93 Golden Ribbon Gallery, Strathroy, ON

group exhibitions

2016 "Seeking Surreal," Davis Gallery, Austin, TX

2006 Natural Selections, Davis Gallery, Austin, TX

1998 47th Annual Western Ontario Exhibition, London Regional Art & Historical Museums, London, ON

1997 Anderson’s Art Gallery, London, ON

1996 Blair House Gallery, Wimberley, TX

1992 Artisan’s Alley, London, ON

1991/93 Lambeth Art Festival, Lambeth, ON

1991 Wild Wings Gallery, Shomberg, ON


Landscape Artist’s Work On Display at BAM by Mary Villanueva. Bee-Picanuye, Beeville, TX. 03/20/2006
Blair House’s First Showing by Linda Allen. The Wimberley View, Wimberley, TX. 06/22/1996
Learning By Doing by Stanley Marcus. Lives In Art, Watercolor, American Artists Publications, Winter 1996
Local Artist Paints High Quality Landscapes by Ian Gillespie. The London Free Press, London, ON. 11/06/1993
Northern Ontario Is Inspiration For Artist
by Gord Bowes. The Age Dispatch, Strathroy, ON. 04/21/1993
Real Art Can Be A Bargain by Douglas Bale. The London Free Press, London, ON. 04/10/1993
De Dier Shows Drafting Expertise by Doug Bale. The London Free Press, London, ON. 12/02/1992


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