Lisa Beaman | biography

born 1955 in Haverhill, MA  |  lives in Austin, TX  |


2000-2005 Workshops with Jeremy Lipking , Ron Hicks
1996-2000 Austin Fine Art Classes -Teacher Elizabeth Locke Austin Museum School, Austin, Tx
1974-1978 University of Ma. BFA in Art

selected painting exhibitions

2016 "Seeking Surreal," Davis Gallery, Austin, TX
Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, TX
Women and their Work Gallery, Austin Tx
Arthouse, Austin, Tx
Granite Café, Austin, Tx
Permanent installation, St Andrews Episcopal School, Austin, Tx
Buttonwoods Museum Haverhill, Ma

awards & commissions for quilting

Austin Area Quilt Guild Festival of Quilts, awards, 1984, 88, 90, 92, 94, 96.
Quilt Commissions, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1993, 1996.
Hill Country Arts Show, 1990,91 [.Juried] 1996.
Austin Fiber Artists exhibit, Texas Museum of Natural History, Austin, TX. 1990 [.Juried].
Quilt National exhibit, Athens, Ohio, 1991 [.Juried].
Houston Contemporary Group Exhibit, Texas Museum of Natural History Austin, Texas, 1991 Juried).
Quilt National Traveling Exhibit, United States and Japan, 1991 - 93.
Visions: The Art of the Quilt, October 1992 - January 1993.
American/International Quilt Show Award, 1992.
AIQA Founder's Award, 1993.
AIQA Show, Award, 1994,1995.
American Quilter's Society Show (juried), Paduka, KY, 1993, 1994, 1996.
Special Exibit, Quilt Surface Design Symposium, Columbus, OH, 1993

invitational exhibitions for quilting

Quilt Expo IV, Karlsruhe, Germany, June, 1994.
Muesem of Applied Arts. Helsinki, Finland, June, 1994.
West Coast Quilter's Conference, Sacramento, CA, 1994.
Northern Star Quilter's Guild, Invitational, Somers, NY, 1995.
Hill Country Arts Foundation, Invitational Contemporary Quilt Exhibition,1996.
International Quilt Festival, Deep in the Heart of Texas Special Exhibit, 1995.
International Quilt Festival, Contemporary Quilt Exhibit, 1995.10/97...
Touring Exhibit ,American Contemporary Quilts, Australia, 1994.


The New Quilt - Ouilt National '91. Taunton Press, 1991.
Visions: The Art of the Ouilt. C & T Publishing, 1992.
Art of California. September, 1992.
American Quilter. Spring, 1993, VoL IX, # 1.
Quilter's Newsletter (Cover) No. 255, Sept. 1993.
AIQA's World of Beauty (Cover) Winter, 1993.
QuiltWorld September, 1994 Vo1.19, No.5.
AI.Q.A Calender, 1995, Lang Graphics.
AI.Q.A Calender, 1996, Lang Graphics.
Quilters Newsleter (Cover) No.274, 1995.
Quilters Newsletter (Cover), May, 1996.



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